Orient  is organised into three groups:

OSS Orient Schiffahrts- & Speditionsgesellschaft mbH
OSS was founded in 1974 by Wolfgang Molzahn and Helmut Schawe.

ODS Orient Deutsch- Südamerikanische Speditionsgesellschaft mbH
ODS was founded in 1991 by Wolfgang Molzahn, Helmut Schawe and Sven-Olaf Molzahn.

OPL Orient Projekt & Logistic GmbH
OPL was founded in 2007 by Sven-Olaf Molzahn.

Office openings:

Bolivia: 1988
Chile: 1991
Sweden: 1994
Belgium: 1995
Spain: 2008
Italy: 2009
Düsseldorf: 2010
Paraguay: 2012